How to Use Entertainment at Events to Increase Employee Morale and Productivity

Corporations are often faced with a bout of low employee morale which can often translate into lowered productivity in the company. There are a number of ways to battle this problem including holding events using live entertainment that gets all the employees together in a fun and energetic atmosphere where they can forget about business for a bit and deepen their relationships within the company.Most corporations hold a couple of events a year, however these are too often the standard holiday party or annual board meeting which can be tedious and because they become routine, employees do not anticipate the event like they should. Corporations should not look at events as an expense but rather as an investment in their employee’s future growth and dedication to the company.When holding an event, live entertainment is a wonderful and creative way to visibly boost employee morale and productivity. For example, let’s say that the company is gearing up for a standard board meeting, and the agenda calls for a nice dinner and then the meeting to take place. If you were to inject a strategic entertainment performance such as a comedian or interactive magician into the board meeting, you would break the employee’s sense of monotony, and also allow them to experience a fun environment so that in the future they would actually look forward to board meetings and the unexpected surprises that come with them. You also clearly demonstrate to the employees that you care about their feelings toward the company and this helps them to feel appreciated. You should ask yourself, what are happy, productive, and enthusiastic employees worth to the company?There are many types of entertainment available for corporate events. Choosing the right entertainment really depends on the overall goal of the event, the theme, and of course the budget. If you want to combat bad news in a company or the economy, then booking a comedian or impressionist makes sense, however perhaps you are looking to convey a more serious message, then you could look at a hypnotist who can incorporate the company message into their performance. Some corporations really looking to impress their employees will choose to go with a celebrity performance. These are among the higher priced acts available to the corporate market, with prices ranging from $50,000 to over $1 million. The price really depends on how popular the celebrity is. An act such as rock duo Hall and Oates will run about $150,000, because although they are an older act, the name is instantly recognizable and they have many hit songs.Corporations will book celebrity entertainment for their annual holiday parties as a surprise to their employees. While the price may seem steep, the buzz going around the office will be flowing for months after the performance. This kind of buzz visibly translates into happier employees and higher productivity, which is what every company strives for. Live entertainment is simply a creative tool for allowing employees to feel their best and reach their full potential.

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